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Public Information Request Form


Making a Public Information Request

The Public Information Request Form should be mailed, sent via a delivery service, brought in person, or faxed to Allegany County Government. E-mailed requests will NOT be accepted by Allegany County Government.


According to the Maryland Public Information Act Manual (14th Ed., October 2015, Appendix I-I) presented on the Attorney General of Maryland’s website:  “The PIA grants you the right to review the available records that are disclosable and to obtain copies of those records. It does not require an agency to answer informational questions or to create a record to satisfy your request.”



Submit the Public Information Request Form to:

Public Information Officer
Allegany County Government
701 Kelly Road
Cumberland, MD  21502-2803
Fax: 301-724-6970


Additional Information concerning Public Information Requests can be located at:

Federal Information:

United States Department of Justice, Freedom of Information Act

State Information:
Maryland Attorney General’s Office, Public Information Act




Public Information Fees

Article 14.4 Section 14.407
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The fee for each copy is $0.25 per page if reproduction is made by a photocopying machine within the department.  Copies of larger size maps and drawings shall be provided at the current rate charged by County departments for such documentation.  If records are not susceptible to photocopying (for example: punch cards, CD, magnetic tapes, blueprints, and microfilm), the fee for copies will be based on the actual cost of reproduction.



If a person requests that a copy of a record be certified as a true copy, an additional fee of $1.00 per page, or if appropriate, per item shall be charged.


Minimum Fee

A charge will not be made if the total amount of the fee for standard 8 ˝ x 11 correspondence would be $5.00 or less (equivalent to 20 pages).


Search/Preparation Fee

A charge of $20.00 per hour shall be imposed for each hour in excess of 2 hours expended by County personnel in reviewing, researching, compiling and preparing the records for inspection and time devoted to supervising/observing the applicant’s record inspection.


Mailing Fee

If the applicant requests that copies be mailed or delivered, the custodian shall charge the applicant for the cost of postage or delivery.  Said charge is to be included in the total charge and it is to be prepaid by applicant.


Payment Agreement

Before copying a record, the custodian shall estimate the cost of reproduction and either obtain the agreement of the applicant to pay the cost or demand prepayment of any estimated fee before reproducing the record.  If no prior agreement has been made, payment of all fees must be made at the time the services are provided.


NOTE:  Checks should be made payable to the Allegany County Commissioners.


Contact Information


Public Information Officer

Bretta Reinhard


Telephone: 301-777-2526 X 124


Fax: 301-724-6970



Public Information Request forms that are emailed will not be accepted by Allegany County Government.


Administrative Staff

Linda A. Simpson


Office Hours

Monday – Friday

8:00 – 4:00

Closed 12:00 – 1:00


Office Address

Allegany County Office Building

701 Kelly Road

Cumberland, MD  21502-2803


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